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60 x 80 cm

Acrylic on canvas
Framed in costume made wooden frame

Featuring Edgar Allan Poe (The Raven)

  • Jasmin Dobrovsky has always been fascinated by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Now she interpreted the famous poem "The raven" on canvas. Just like in the poem the raven also represents mourning and sadness in this painting. This is also underlined by the words of the poem "and the raven never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting".

    The hand of the man seems almost skeleton like and is in contrast o his youthful face. If you look closely you can also find Edgar Allan Poe's initials on the painting and the name "Lenore" (the woman who the main character is so sad about).



  • Shipping in Austria +20€.

    International Shipping to all other countries +100€.

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